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Furiosa - Review

Feels like a task to write about this film. It’s such a massive story with so much in it, and yet not very much to talk about. It is a long and engaging story, with top tier action and a revenge story for the ages. However, there is not much below the surface for me, making it that bit more difficult to put my words down into something that is not just “wow, look at that”. I would say that for me, with very few exceptions, Furiosa is a technically flawless film, with a distinct look and sound to it. Acting and story clicked me just as much (if not more) than the previous franchise entry, Fury Road.

The story takes us back a few years before the events of Mad Max: Fury Road to see a young Furisoa (Alyla Browne). She is living in a sort of oasis in the middle of the desert, where water flows and plants are blooming. Early on, she is ripped form this paradise, and thrust in the unforgiving world where resources are at a very high premium.

From there, we are along the ride for her gruelling journey of revenge and growth into Anya Taylor-Joy. It is all out action, in a way that never really feels like its too much or skipping over the story. I personally decide to shun criticism that the action is inconsequential to the story. I think it is a vital part of the action and adds so much stakes to the conflict brewing in the centre of the plot.

Is it the deepest film of all time? No. It is very much a film film, where you come in, sit down and be blown away at the screen for two and a half hours. The presentation of the film is pretty impeccable, apart from a few weirdly out of place VFX dips. These moments are basically unnoticeable and didn’t take much away for me. The film does exactly what it sets out to do in the runtime and delivers what it markets itself on.

One of the words used in marketing is “odyssey”, which is described as “a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune” by Merriam-Webster. I feel like this is the perfect wording to describe this story, and unlike many other stories that describe themselves with it, lives up to the definition. You are constantly shifted from the perspective of power to being on the back foot while watching Furiosa’s story.

The revenge plot is done really well, especially through the characterisation of those involved. There is a quiet bubbling rage and distinct focus from Furiosa, which I think Anya Taylor-Joy captures perfectly. I also think Chris Hemsworth is having an excellent time as Dr. Dementus. He is hamming up that Aussie accent to the (mad) max and yet somehow doesn’t go to the point where the film flips into too silly to take seriously. There is silliness afoot in these films, but an underlying darkness that I think Hemsworth does as it should be done.

Kind of goes without saying but the camera work is magical on this film. So many action films do car chases, and they do them well. But nobody does them like a film based around them, making the cars and trucks a mini battleground, slowly being blown up or broken down, where we’re watching the conclusion of the encounter come closer at every hit.

I feel like the action is at least comparable to Fury Road, It may not do the scale of the chases in Fury Road but each interaction is as well thought out and has just as much stress. In some cases, there are more personal vendettas going on in these chases so at times you feel an even more heightened sense of stakes.

So, yeah this film fucks. I think that you can just leave it at that really. However, I didn’t. It was a lot to live up to when considering the critical reception to Fury Road, but George Miller made it look like it was nothing. This story felt like it needed to be told, and not like he was just interested in another payout. If that was the case, it has not been that effective either. The box office for this film does not reflect its quality at all. I’m surprised people aren’t showing up for the film, when you consider how overall positive the word of mouth has been. Worrying for the summer ahead, but maybe I’ll just keep on seeing it, again and again to make up for everyone else.


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